Tom Brown’s Banking Weekly Newsletter is some of the most entertaining, in-depth and holistic reading you can have with banking and economic related news in the industry today. After reading any issue you may find yourself investigating a specific company mentioned, find yourself laughing out loud, or just shocked at how crazy the market and people can get. The World can be a wild place and the market economy can sometimes be the wildest thing in it.

Tom and his team gather information throughout the week, much of it sourced directly from meetings with bank executives, emerging Fintech CEO’s, specialty finance thought-leaders from both public and private companies, along with information sourced from dozens of the latest publications and industry subscriptions available. All of this along with important facts from recent economic data-points and musings on the impacts of politics and social trends from the revolutionary contrarian banking insider himself.

We have all seen how most bank analysis reads like elevator reporting, “this went up, and that went down.” Tom and his team spend more time on strategy and tactics than on changes in metrics. Of course, Tom understands that few bank analyst have the relationships and the kind of access that Tom Brown has enjoyed throughout the decades of doing what he loves most, “Bank Hunting”.

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